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About The Dancer: Pranamya Suri

Pranamya studied Kuchipudi (Indian classical dance) under Guru Smt. Srilatha Suri for more than 23 years. In 2011, she began her journey as a soloist and has toured India to perform at some of the most notable classical dance festivals.

Pranamya is one of the most acclaimed young Kuchipudi dancers of the generation. She trained under her mother, guru Smt. Srilatha Suri, and received advanced training under Dr. Padma Shri Sobha Naidu and Sri Jai Kishore Mosalikanti. Known for her eloquent grace and uncompromising precision, her delightful style is the result of a perpetual love for the ancient art form. “Pranamya’s understanding of the art form allows her to excel in technique. Her physical beauty, her virtuosity, her dedication, and her surrender to the art, on the other hand makes the audience emotionally appreciate the divine art. She is a rare combination of intelligence, immense talent and beauty, and is most definitely the future of Kuchipudi.” – Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu.

As a third generation dancer, Pranamya was raised in an environment filled with dance and music. Having a rich cultural heritage, Suri’s work blends the pure classical dance form with Indian literature over the span of several centuries, giving a perspective of the immaculate history of the art. Containing elements of both impeccable technique, as well as traces of her Indian heritage by employing delicate gestures, her repertoire has been inspired by the evolution of the art form, of the sacred scriptures, beauty of nature, Indian literature that addresses the duality of darkness and light in the universal human condition, humanity and Compassion. These elements in combination with her collaboration with renowned artists of the same and different genres, lend to diversity in movement while adhering to the purity of the art form. Described as both sensitive, exciting and unpredictable, Suri’s dance style ensures a place for the heart on any stage.

Pranamya also established Bhumi Arts in 2017 in order to continue her journey as a solo artist, break barriers between classicists and those new to classical Indian dance, while presenting untarnished dance at a depth that can be appreciated by veteran artists and newcomers alike.

Pranamya is a medical school graduate and was also founder and former president of Echoes of India, a non-profit organization. She combined her love for dance and service by raising funds through dance. She installed 12 water purification plants in Nalgonda and established a medical clinic in Kuchipudi Village as well as in Nalgonda. The water plants provide clean drinking water to more than 70,000 people and the medical clinics serve more than 50 patients per day.

Ms. Suri, ravishingly dressed in cream and gold, at once made the rapid footwork and gestures of Kuchipudi absorbing and, in statuesque positions, she has piercing beauty of line, too. Overall, she combines vitality with sweetness; the fluency with which she strings her sharply pattering steps into prolonged phrases is a particular part of her spell” —The New York Times