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“ Pranamya is a dancer par excellence, who has made her mark in Kuchipudi”

“ Pranamya Suri from the US presented a Kuchipudi recital with an impressive display of talent. Her elegant personality lent beauty to her performance. The neat bodylines and stage presence made the performance lively and memorable”

“ [Pranamya is] the find of the Devadasi festival”

“…her performance was a heart thrilling presentation.”

“ Pranamya ’s dance is a visual treat ” – the Hindu

“ Pranamya is God’s gift to Kuchipudi.” – the Hindu

“Pranamya has good potential, talent and blessings of God and shows the potential of a promising Kuchipudi artist.”

“ [Pranamya is] the future of this art.”

“ It takes a lot of dedication, perserverance and practice to perform a classical dance like Kuchipudi, but Pranamya has impressed all of us with her presence, excellent footwork as well as abhinaya, especially in tharangam.”

“ Today is is raining because the heavens are overjoyed seeing such a passionate and beautiful dancer.”

“The 22 – year – old Pranamya Suri presented swift movements and her facial gestures transformed with ease during her different recitals.”